Material on this website is protected by Crown copyright unless otherwise indicated. Some of it can be reused without permission, as explained on this page.

Reusing content on this website

Example: this image is owned by Goodnature, so must not be reused without their permission

With some exceptions, the material on this website (including text, images and sound files) is licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0). This means you are free to copy, distribute and adapt the material if you attribute the work to the ‘Department of Conservation’ (don’t use a logo) and abide by the other licence terms.

Exceptions include:

  • material indicated to have a specific licence or owner ­– follow the rules of the licence and get express permission from the indicated owner if necessary 
  • logos, emblems and trademarks – get express permission using the details below
  • design elements – get express permission using the details below.


How to find image information for header images

Click the camera icon on a header image to see its caption and credit

Images you can reuse

An example of an image labelled "DOC"

You can reuse any image on this website if it's labelled “DOC" and no other licence is indicated.

You may copy, distribute and adapt the image if you attribute it to the ‘Department of Conservation’ (don’t use a logo) and abide by the other licence terms.

Logos and emblems

Neither the Department of Conservation emblem nor the New Zealand Government logo may be used in any way which infringes any provision of the Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981 or would infringe such provision if the relevant use occurred within New Zealand.

Request permission or information

High-resolution images

We will not provide high-resolution copies of images used on this website for print or other use.

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